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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Participant to Motion

I consider myself "Participant to Motion"...

What does this, in essence, mean?

1. I "inscribe" Structures to my movements...

I don't "climb" (the stairs, a ladder...), I Ascend.

I don't "walk down", I Land.

I don't "turn", I Redefine my Path.

2. I (try to) "translate" everything into Motion, Flow:

-Love is actually an exchange of Positive Psychic Energy...

-Playing an instrument is the "dance" of the fingers...

-The use of the word Inertia and Stability for more than moving objects...

Life itself is the chaotic choreography of fluids, energy and the occasional idea!...

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Crisis? WHAT financial crisis?

These past months we are all living in fear, dreading the terrible "Financial Crisis"...

However, the truth is THERE IS NO FINANCIAL CRISIS!

Mental, of course! But not economic!
The natural resources, the only thing that actually exists have not changed!

You see, nowadays we are just experiencing the unpleasant side of the delusion we've been living in for so many years...

If you build your economy, your very life with air-money, then when you go to the teller, you are bound to receive thin AIR.

See for yourself:

Monday, February 9, 2009

On God and Atheism

I don’t know the motive that made me put these words down… Maybe because I stumbled upon this site or maybe because the film Religulous is coming out…
I just want to write what I think about God, mainly as an answer to those declaring Atheists…

First, a few facts about me:
-I was raised a Christian, (Greek) Orthodox, like most people in my country.
-I believe in God, but I’m against the institute of "religion".
The reasons for this opposition of mine are two:
1) I don't want (or need, for that matter) any smuck telling me what (my) God wants and how to worship God.
2) Every religion starts with: “God told me”, which, in itself, calls for subjugation, thus placing every religion a breath away from being a mere tool to control people.

However, I DO believe in God.
Why so? Because, if not for any other reason, it makes my life complete…
To the obvious question: “Why do you need a God to make your life complete?”
I would answer: “The presence of God gives the World more sense than the absence…”

You see, Science doesn’t have all the answers and it never will.
Why? Because while Science is based on facts, the Human existence entails more than facts can provide.
A few examples of these? Love, Hope, the Meaning of Life and of course, Faith.

Because God is all about Faith.

Faith: Accepting something as true without the need of facts.

Also, there is one other thing. The very Existence of Everything.
Why should there be anything?
Come on, you fact-seekers! You know “It just did!” is not enough!…

Well, who, what is “God”, in the end?
That’s the easiest answer. God is whatever one defines it!
If you ask me, GOD IS LOVE.

Those who dispute the existence of God, usually do so using the following arguments:
1) There is no proof for the existence of God.
2) The idea of God doesn’t comply with physical laws.

I think both arguments are mislead, because they’re missing the point…

1) As I said, God is all about Faith. If there was undeniable proof of the existence of God, if God was doubtlessly hanging above our heads, watching (and judging) us, then everything would lose its meaning and our lives would be as if in a prison…

2) God is within and beyond the physical laws. God is eternal, omnipotent, omniscient, perfect, everywhere, everywhen, (and everything, I might add). You can’t dispute this because that’s God’s definition and qualities. You can’t dispute red’s redness!

Some are using logical arguments against the existence of God, such as:
a) “How can God be everywhere at the same time when ‘at the same time’ doesn’t physically exist?”
b) “How can God be all good and loving, yet letting bad things happen?”
c) “Can God create a rock he can’t lift?”
d) Why won’t God heal amputees?

Well, these are, once again, mislead-missing-the-point-arguments…

a) God is beyond natural laws. Trying to describe God with normal, physical colloquialisms is like trying to describe a computer as a kind of potato. They’re both material objects, they’re both useful to man, but the similarities end there. Otherwise, a computer is way beyond potato reality…

b) The answer is easy. If you had your father watching over you your entire life, not only you would never learn right from wrong, but also you would never accomplish anything on your own. All evils in the world come from either free Human will, or they’re based on fundamental, necessary laws of nature (example of the latter is that radiation may cause cancer, but if there weren’t for UV rays, life might never had been appeared on this planet in the first place…)

c) God CAN create a rock. Whether that rock is liftable or not is God’s business. Suffice to say that the rock is both liftable and unliftable, just because God can create it thusly and because you can’t trap God within petty little mind tricks.

d) Beats me! If I ever meet God in person, I’ll ask him.
By the by… I do believe in Miracles (Divine Intervention). I don’t know why, when or how would God choose to intervene, but I certainly expect that when God wants to “lend a hand” to his Creation… well, who's gonna stop him?
I think that miracles happen every day, all the time, if you can see them. “Scientifically inexplicable occurrences” have absolutely no point. If one doesn’t open himself to Faith, nothing will ever make him fall to his knees and praise the Almighty…

The bottom line, the Ultimate Question about Life, the Universe and Everything, to both faith-full and faith-less ought to be:

"How does this make my life better?"
"How does this make me a better person?"
"How does this help me make the world better?"

P.S. The Life After? The Afterlife, I believe, is this: A look back to our lives. What we did during our lifetimes, what we became and what we ended up representing… That’s Afterlife!…

Well, Blessed Be!!!
Peace and Love, bros and sists!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A bit late, I know...

"You are either with us or with the terrorists." -W

Terrorism: The practices the ruling class uses to subdue the people.
Terrorist: The name the oppressors call the oppressed when the latter react.

Actually, the aforementioned quote is the only intelligent thing this imbecile said in his 8-year reign.
He's right! (in a way...)

You can either be with those who spread fear to the world or fight for a life without it...

EVERYTHING happens here