Thursday, March 27, 2008

Role-playing Games, part 1, Definitions, part 2

I love Role-playing games (RPGs). The “pen&paper” kind, not the computer ones. I find them an excellent means of venting my creativity. However, there are two RPGs that have specifically contributed in forming my worldview.

The first one is A World of Darkness: Mummy (2nd Edition, to be specific), from White Wolf Inc. (WW#2224)

This book refers to ancient Egyptian mythology and along with this I learnt the word that ancient Egyptians used for the True Name, or Ren of things.
I now regularly use the word “ren” to express the True Name of something, the word that contains its meaning, its essence.

Or, as someone else said: “Words have meaning and names have power.” (Lorien, Babylon 5 Ep.402, Whatever happened to Mr. Garibaldi?)
(BTW, check this link out: All I Ever Needed to Know I Learned from Babylon 5. We’ll be talking about it in future posts!)

The second game is also from White Wolf and it’s Mage: The Ascension. (WW#4000).

Though not my favourite RPG, it has every reason to define anyone’s worldview, since it’s a game about Reality itself! (Or, more specifically, about “Reality on the brink”).
In there, I found useful words, such as:


Pattern (Structure)

Tapestry (The malleable Reality as a whole)

Quintessence (Spiritual energy, what else?)

Resonance (The “feeling” of a Pattern or someone’s actions upon Reality)

And, of course, the Ascension War, which, in a way, it also exists in the real world. (Not among “Awakened” people, but between Humanity and the Universe).
But more about it on a future post…

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