Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Strongest Forces...

The Universe is permeated by a multitude of forces and drives, as they’re expressed by natural phenomena and living beings.
However, two of them are so strong that their role is defining to the function of the Universe.
This “Dreadful Duo” is Entropy and Inertia.

Simply put, Entropy is the measure of disarray and deterioration in a system. As a whole, the Entropy of the Universe continually increases (2nd Thermodynamic Law).

Inertia is the innate predisposition of a system to keep its motive state. If it’s immobile, it “wants” to stay that way; if it’s moving, it “wants” to keep moving, in that direction. The measure of Inertia is the mass of the system. Roughly, the bigger a system it is, the more it resists to change.

These two “drives” of the Universe are so strong that their effects echo right down to our everyday lives. Everything we are, think or do is under constant threat of being formed by Entropy or Inertia, not our (good) Will or genetic predisposition. Even our needs and desires are often products of Entropy and Inertia inside and around us.
Change is difficult and when it happens, it’s usually towards disintegration. Everything tends to fall apart and it needs effort, expenditure of energy not to. The “easy way out” is usually not the wisest or best solution. Habit is forming (or ruining) our lives.
All these are results of Entropy and Inertia.

And that’s what the actual Ascension War is about. It’s the struggle Mankind, the most complex and “anti-entropic” Structure in the physical world, gives to rise above these two and achieve its Destiny, however one may define It.

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