Sunday, February 28, 2010


"-The creation of Earth, and the creatures that crawl on it, was supposed to be His crowning achievement... the capper for an existence that goes back longer than you can comprehend. The sum of all He'd learned. His 'final exam'. And once everything was stabilized... once He was sure that mankind could walk on it own two legs... He was going to sink into the sweet surrender of nothingness. That's right, Jude, The Boss had had enough of being the Alpha. He was ready for the Omega. He sought the final, ultimate rest....
- You're telling me... you're saying God wants to die?
-More or less. But He can't. He can't because you guys wont let Him go. You all keep praying to Him, asking Him for things... like adult children htting dad up for money [...] He doesn't need you. But you still need Him. You're parasites the lot of you. Every other species in this world trust itself to survive... but you're all still sucking at the boss's teat for moral support."
-Peter David, Fallen Angel

"All of man's pain is born from the inability to accept one universal truth...
There is no God.
The fear of death, the fear of irrelevance makes that difficult for the unenlightened to accept. Through acceptance we are set free. It takes no faith to believe that eventually, the universe will expand to a point where all bodies will be separated. The universe will drop to zero degrees... and all life will end. It is a point in time. It exists. This is a fact.
Existence is temporary.
Humanity eternally seeks to barter this truth away."
-Rick Remender, The End League

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I think it’s intrinsic to the very Human Nature
it’s like there will be a moment of Utter Beauty, Total Greatness and Unspeakable Ecstasy before the Ultimate Fall, Destruction and Oblivion

EVERYTHING happens here